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Free Invoice Templates for Recruitment Agencies

Looking for Word or Excel templates to send better, faster invoices for your recruitment company?

We have something even better. Invoice Template is a free, online tool for UK recruitment companies and agencies, providing online recruitment blank invoice templates that allow you to create and send beautiful recruitment invoices in seconds.

Pick your design, add your details then save, download or send. Edit fields even more easily than a blank spreadsheet form or Word document template and drop in your logo. Then set automated reminders with one click to ensure you get paid on time.

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Key Features and Benefits for Recruitment Agencies

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Free blank recruitment agency tamplates

Our beautiful invoices are designed to help you look professional. Lots of recruiters say Word and Excel templates look dated and are difficult to use. Our free templates are beautiful, fully-customizable and can be created and branded for your consultancy in seconds.

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Fully customisable features

Add your agency’s logo, add key details like your recruitment agency business name, address and invoice no., then enter as many line items as you need. Add or remove VAT (it’s calculated automatically), add purchase numbers, terms and conditions and more with our fully customisable features.

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Free secure cloud storage

Save invoices automatically, access them from wherever you like and re-use invoices for faster invoicing each month. You can rest assured your data is 100% secure, sitting behind a fully encrypted cloud system. Only you, and the people you choose, will be able to access it.

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Super fast invoicing - 100% free for life

Within a few simple clicks a professional looking invoice can be downloaded or sent to your client via email. This saves you time, money and gets you paid quicker. We promise that our invoice system, storage and templates will always remain 100% free - for life.

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Automatic reminder emails

Setup automated, professional-looking reminders when invoices are due, ensuring your recruitment agency gets paid on time without needing a middleman.

Why Invoice Template, Why Recruitment?

Why invoice template

Invoice Template is a champion of small and expanding businesses in the UK. We understand and appreciate the need for agency recruiters and independent recruitment consultants and the work they do to assist SMEs and enterprise businesses to find better staff. Recruiters are busy and often juggling lots of things at once. Admin, billing, setting up invoices - these should be the parts of the business that take seconds. We also understand the need for recruiters to be professional and modern in their approach to invoicing. That’s why, in our mission to help small businesses get paid on time, every time, we feel that we can help.

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