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{{invoice.currency | sym}} {{shippingPrice() | currency}}
Shipping {{invoice.tax_title}}
({{invoice.shipping_tax || 0}}%)
{{invoice.currency | sym}} {{shippingVAT() | currency}}
({{ || 0}}%)
{{invoice.currency | sym}} {{VATPrice() | currency}}
{{invoice.currency | sym}} {{totalPrice() | currency}}

Remittance advice

Invoice number
Due date
Amount due
{{invoice.currency | sym}} {{totalPrice() | currency}}
Amount enclosed


Terms & Conditions

  • Create automated reminders for yourself and clients to help ensure they pay time
  • Save all your invoices as PDFs and download them for your local records

Frequently Asked Questions

VAT is calculated automatically. Use the top slider button to include VAT, then select the VAT percentage or set your own custom amount. Automatically calculate VAT
Click the +image icon at the top right hand corner of Invoice Builder then select a .jpg or .png file from your desktop/mobile and upload it. We take care of all formatting and resizing so that your logo fits neatly into the available space

If you need to change your logo at anytime click the +image icon at the top right hand corner of Invoice Builder then select a .jpg or .png file from your desktop/mobile and upload it.

The old logo will be deleted and replaced with the new one. We take care of all formatting and resizing so that your logo fits neatly into the available space.

To select a different template click on the template thumbnails in the ‘settings’ sections.
Yes! You’ll never have to pay to use, and there is no limit on the number of invoices any user can create. Invoices can be stored on our server for free too.
To remove an account and all the information associated with it, including invoices, send us an e-mail at We will cancel your account and delete all your invoices, as well as any other information we hold about you from from our servers.
No. Once an account has been deleted, everything associated with it will be removed from our servers. The only way you will be able to access any data you have created with us will be to download it before deleting the account.
Yes. Invoices can be deleted from our system. Once they’re gone they can’t be recovered, so make sure backup copies are kept locally if you think you will need invoices at some point in the future.

No. Once an invoice has been deleted from our servers it is gone forever.

Make sure you have created a local backup copy of an invoice if you think you will need it at a later date but want to remove it from our service. It is easy to export an invoice as a PDF at any time.

No. You can edit and change what’s on invoices to suit your own needs. We will not add anything you can’t edit or remove.

Please note: Some browsers will impose headers and footers on your printed form, which must be de-activated by yourself.

In Chrome: Print → More Settings → Uncheck ‘Headers & Footers’

In Safari: Print → Show details → Uncheck ‘Headers & Footers’

In Internet Explorer: Print → Turn off ‘Headers & Footers’

TrialBalance LTD is a UK registered company that specialises in building financial management solutions for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SMEs). Invoice Builder is our first product, and it is free for any SME to use as much and as often as they like. We are developing a portfolio of products that will bring more features and functions to SMEs. Invoice Builder is just the first step. If you want to know more about us and get information about new products and services please sign up.
We will keep users informed of developments if they have asked for this when they create an account. Signed up users can change their preferences at any time. Anyone who has not created an account can join our mailing list to be kept up to date with developments. Users with an account will have opportunities to join any Beta testing programmes we run.

Access to saved invoices is controlled by a ‘cookie’ (a small piece of information stored on your computer which lets ' know who you are). This cookie saves you having to create an account with

If you can’t see saved invoices, it is probably because the cookie has been deleted. But your invoices are still in

To see them just open an email about a previous invoice and click to see your invoices. This will put the cookie on your computer, and you’ll be able to see all saved invoices again.

If you’ve deleted emails from us, create a new invoice and click on the email you get when the invoice is sent. This will also set the cookie up.

If you are still having trouble, email us and we’ll fix it.